Entrust lunch and learn v3 (1)



Organizations struggle with the balance of storing sensitive data in the cloud and potential access by admins, providers, and third parties. Adopting a Zero Trust framework can help mitigate these concerns, but focusing solely on identities and authentication may leave data unprotected in the cloud. To fully achieve Zero Trust in the cloud, organizations need an integrated approach to data security/governance.

Join us on December 6th, 2023, at 12 pm EST over Zoom. Our expert speakers are Ed Reynolds, Digital Security Center of Excellence at Entrust, and Julian Weinberger, Field CTO at ShardSecure. They will be discussing "Data security made simple. How best-of-breed solutions can elevate your Zero Trust strategy."


Key discussion points include:

  • The importance of adopting least privilege principles, cryptographic agility, root of trust, and enterprise-wide data access controls to protect data on-prem and in the cloud.
  • Self-defending data strategies and solutions.
  • Best practices for deploying robust key management strategies to secure encrypted data and prevent exposure.
  • Innovative technologies, like Microsharding and the crypto-agile nShield 5 Hardware Security Module, for best-of-breed structured and unstructured data protection, both on-prem and in the cloud.
  • Future-proofing investments and ensuring that quantum-safe encryption solutions are adopted today to withstand attacks in a post-quantum world.
  • An expert Q&A and holiday quiz with great prizes!
Ed Reynolds Col

Julian Weinberger

Field CTO ShardSecure

With over 15 years of experience in the data security and cloud computing industry, Julian has helped create strong, successful teams across multiple startups. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Julian is responsible for developing security solutions and business strategies for ShardSecure’s customers and partners. Prior to his role as Field CTO, he worked for ShardSecure as a Sales Engineering & Partner Lead. Julian specializes in developing strategies to deploy information security technologies, strategic planning and security innovation, and enterprise risk management. 

Ed Reynolds

Digital Center of Excellence Entrust

Ed Reynolds is a member of Entrust's Center of Excellence team with a focus on Data Protection solutions.

 Ed has over 15 years experience in cybersecurity, covering SSL/VPN, Intel chip security technologies, endpoint protection, DLP, data at rest/in motion encryption technologies, key management and managed security services. Ed is based in Austin, Texas